001 Rap: RCA Cable Plug

001 Rap: RCA Cable Plug

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RCA male - 2 x XLR male Cable 1 FT


Impact acoustics pro-audio Cables are made from a twisted pair audio Cable under an aluminum foil for maximum shielding from noise.  High flexibility 7 mm PVC jacket reduces the risk of cables kinking and damaging the conductors.  Bright nickel plating on solid brass XLR connectors resists wear from reconfiguring and moving equipment from one venue to another.  Gold plated brass RCA connectors provide maximum signal transfer while eliminating oxidation.  Spring strain relief on the RCA Plug and a chuck strain relief inside the XLR reduce the effects of age on the solder joints and contacts.


  • 22 AWG twisted pair construction
  • Foil shield and 60% copper braid
  • Nickel plated brass XLR connector
  • Gold plated brass RCA connector
  • Connects unbalanced line outputs to balanced line inputs