Quantum ONE:Headphone Gameing
Quantum ONE:Headphone Gameing
Quantum ONE:Headphone Gameing
Quantum ONE:Headphone Gameing
Quantum ONE:Headphone Gameing
Quantum ONE:Headphone Gameing
Quantum ONE:Headphone Gameing
Quantum ONE:Headphone Gameing

Quantum ONE:Headphone Gameing

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About the JBL Quantum ONE

Man wearing JBL Quantum ONE gaming headset


High-grade 50mm drivers deliver clear, detailed sound while built-in head-tracking provides a sense of space.

Textured, three-dimensional sound for serious gamers

When video games cross over from a time-consuming habit to lucrative career, the true professionals start taking their gear more seriously. That's where the JBL Quantum ONE headset comes in — the statement piece of the company's new line of gaming headphones. This ambitious headset features high-grade 50mm drivers under the hood, along with a 3D surround sound technology that can track the movement of your head.

Active noise cancellation helps remove external distractions. And game soundtracks have clarity, power, nuance, and realistic sense of space. After all, the most advanced players rely on the directional and spatial cues they hear as much as what they see on-screen. 

Cutting-edge head-tracking tech adds a new dimension to surround sound

What sets the ONE apart from the other Quantum headphones is JBL's QuantumSPHERE 360° technology. Inside the headphones, there's a gyroscope that constantly tracks the position of your head. As you lean or turn your head, the sound field stays fixed and centered.

From there, you can hear the exact positioning of approaching footsteps, the distinct sounds of different weapons, and all the other important sonic cues. It's no longer as if you're wearing headphones — more like you're smack in the middle of the game's soundscape. Almost the audio equivalent of a visual virtual reality experience.

Hands-on with JBL's special software


The Windows PC app gave control of everything from the surround sound to the pattern of the headset's multi-color LED lights.

You gain access to the headtracking and surround sound processing — plus a suite full of cool customization features — by downloading the QuantumENGINE software to your Windows PC. 

JBL's advanced surround sound processing

The surround processing was effective with the right material. 

The new season of the Netflix docuseries Formula 1: Drive to Survive was a good fit for these headphones. All of the visceral racing action and tire changes came through with punch-to-the-gut impact. But then in lower-key moments, like an office meeting between a driver and race sponsor.  

Wired connection to your PC or console game controller

You'll need to connect to your PC via the provided USB-A adapter cable to take advantage of the QuantumENGINE software — and the surround sound processing. This cable is over four feet long, so it gives you some extra slack. And it feels nice and durable thanks to the woven-fabric covering. 

Straight ahead view of the JBL Quantum ONE headset

The leather ear pads and headband padding are both filled with thick memory foam for a secure, well-cushioned fit. 

That adapter attaches to another cable terminated by a 3.5mm miniplug. So you can also connect to the headphone jack at the bottom of your Xbox ONE or PS4 controller (and some third-party Nintendo Switch controllers) for two-channel sound. You should be able to make the same type of connection on the forthcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 controllers, based on the specs released by those companies.

Battle-tested sound

JBL's special headphone sound signature has been honed by years and years of research and exhaustive user testing.  It's helped them develop a sound profile that's been proven to satisfy most listeners — and gamers.

Secure, well-cushioned fit

Gamers often end up wearing headphones for even longer stretches than we serious music listeners. So JBL added an thick layer of soft memory-foam padding to the Quantum ONEs earcups and headband. They are larger and heavier than most gaming headphones, but the weight is distributed evenly.

One tip for all-day PC gamers: in the QuantumENGINE software suite, choose the EQ setting called "long session." It will smooth out some of the higher frequencies, so you don't get those harsh sounds that can grate on you over time. 

Convenient communication and control

You'll find a game/chat balance dial on the USB-C to USB-A cable. It gives you quick and easy control over the audio mix for multi-player games. It is certified for use with DISCORD, and compatible with other chat software including TeamSpeak.

On the left earcup, there's a raised volume dial that's easy to find with your finger. The detachable directional microphone is tuned to pick up voices for clear-sounding chat. You can quickly mute the mic by pushing the dedicated button below the volume dial.

Product highlights:

  • over-ear, closed-back design provides noise isolation
  • active noise-canceling technology reduces external sounds
  • 50mm drivers deliver clear sound with deep bass emphasis
    • JBL's QuantumSOUND signature tuned for immersive gaming sound with hard-hitting effects
  • integrated head-tracking and sound localization for immersive 3D surround sound
  • detachable voice-focused directional boom microphone
Build and controls:
  • Durable design with snug, secure fit
    • premium leather ear pads and headband with extra-thick memory foam to relieve pressure
  • LED earcup logos and linings with chasing RGB lighting effects
  • controls on left earcup:
    • balance dial controls audio mix for gameplay and chat
    • overall volume control dial
    • microphone mute button
JBL QuantumENGINE software suite and surround sound:
  • downloadable PC software that lets you adjust settings and update firmware to Quantum headset
    • headset must be connected to computer via USB cable
  • JBL QuantumSPHERE 360 offers real-time head-tracking and 3D processing
    • sound field stays fixed and centered as you move your head
    • uses included calibration mic to help localize sound
  • customizable surround sound decoding up to 7.1 channels
    • helps provide directional and spatial awareness cues
    • customize the sound based on your head size and body height
  • DTS headphones:X v2.0 virtual surround sound
  • choose from existing audio profiles or manually dial-in EQ
  • fine tune microphone settings
  • choose LED lighting pattern for earcup logo
Connections and cables:
  • detachable 47" fabric-covered cable terminated with a 3.5mm miniplug
    • can connect to PlayStation or Xbox controller
    • two-channel stereo listening mode only
  • detachable 51" USB-C to USB-A cable
    • for charging and connecting to PC for sound, firmware updates, and QuantumENGINE software
General info and specs:
  • frequency response: 20-40,000 Hz
  • impedance: 32 ohms
  • sensitivity: 97 dB
  • weight: 13.1 ounces
  • warranty: 1 year

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