Compustar CS697A - ALL-IN-ONE 1-WAY SYSTEM

Compustar CS697A - ALL-IN-ONE 1-WAY SYSTEM

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Protect your vehicle inside and out with the Compustar CS697-A security system. This system includes everything you need to add essential security features to your vehicle in order to detect, deter, and prevent vehicle theft and intrusion.

  •  Vehicle security
  •  Keyless entry
  •  Dual-stage shock sensor
  •  Security control module (CM2400)
  •  Starter-kill relay
  •  Theft-deterrent security LED


  • 200 ft Max Range
  • Security
  • Keyless Entry
  • Dual-Stage Shock/Impact Sensor
  • Theft-Deterrent LED
  • 2 x 1-Way Remotes
  • 1-Year Remote Warranty

Your Alarm, Upgraded

Automotive security experts have voted Compustar the Top Vendor of Security and Convenience Solutions for 5 years running. Whether you own the car of your dreams or one that meets your needs, protect your vehicle with the industry's best car alarm!

Don't settle for less when it comes to your vehicle's safety. Upgrade your security with Compustar!

Maximize Your Vehicle's Security

The Compustar CS697-A includes everything your vehicle needs to detect, deter and prevent vehicle theft and intrusion.

  • Deter intruders with our signature blue LED
  • Detect intrusion with the dual-stage shock sensor, door sensors, and hood pin
  •  Prevent vehicle theft with the included starter-kill "E-LOCK" relay

Customize and Upgrade

Along with being a great "entry-level" system, the CS697-A is also compatible with all Compustar remotes and accessories to maximize your vehicle's protection.

  • X1MAX-LTE : Add DroneMobile smartphone control and alerts
  •  2-Way Remotes : Upgrade your system's remotes for 2-way alarm alerts.
  •  DAS-II : Upgrade your security sensor to detect glass-break
  •  AL CA : Connect your alarm to your entire vehicle via CANbus.

Please call for installation.