Clarion CCUMRA1: Wired Remote Control Marine Adapter Cable

Clarion CCUMRA1: Wired Remote Control Marine Adapter Cable

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About: Clarion CCUMRA1: Wired Remote Control Marine Adapter cable

  • Use your existing pre-2009 Clarion Wired Marine remotes with a newer 2009 and later Clarion Marine Radio.
  • The CCUMRA1 has an 8-Pin Male DIN for connection to a new radio and a 6-pin Female Din which connects to an existing remote cable
  • Connects a new 2009 & up Marine remote ready Radio such as a CMV1, CMD6, CMD8, M303, M309 or CMS1 to an old style before 2009 wired marine remote like a CMRC1, CMRC2, M101RC, etc.
  • Connects directly to the new radio allowing retention of an M101RYC 6-Pin Marine Remote Y-cable or a M101RXC 6-Pin Marine Remote Extension cable.

*The LCD screen on the remote control (CMRC1SB, CMRC1BSS) will be blank - no information displayed.  The mute button on remote controls without an LCD display (CMRC2SB and CMRC2BSS) may not work.  Older models of Clarion wired marine remote controls do not support the transfer of IR signals.  IR remotes should be pointed at the radio, if applicable (CMV1, CMD6, M309, etc.).* 


  • 9” long adapter cable
  • 8-pin male to 6-pin female Din adapter