001 Pro:Audio RCA M To M 6FT

001 Pro:Audio RCA M To M 6FT

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When you need a no-compromise interconnect, rest assured that our Black series will exceed that criteria at all levels. It’s been designed with the purity of signal transfer in mind, and will last the test of time in a harsh automotive environment. We understand what it takes to satisfy today’s car audio enthusiast, and skimping on quality to save a few bucks isn’t going to cut it.

Performance enhancing characteristics…

  1. Split tip
    – provides maximum contact for maximum signal transfer
  2. Machined plug
    – precision cut, small profile design for secure connections
  3. Twisted pair with individually integrated drain wire
    – maximum cable protection from cross-talk interference
  4. Aluminum shield
    – essential protective layer against RFI and EMI inducing noise
  5. Nylon braid
    – jacket construction that ensures structural integrity
  6. Cable coupler
    – solid metal design with integrated mounting provision