Kicker KST20: 3 / 4" Silk Dome Tweeter

Kicker KST20: 3 / 4" Silk Dome Tweeter

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Kicker's louder, clearer KS-Series Tweeters provide a full range of size choices to boost your high-end and add live-performance realism.  An 18 dB / octave high-pass crossover accompanies the one-inch KS25, and a 12 dB / octave crossover works with the three-quarter-inch KS20 and half-inch KS13.

KS-Series Tweeters have always been known for their versatility, and directional installation is the key for best results when enjoying music.  With this in mind, Kicker has designed the tweeters to be mounted in one of three ways for optimal sound: flush, surface, or angled.  With so many options for your ride, Living Loud with high-performance KS-Series Tweeters will deliver on a promise of exceptional musical accuracy and matching looks to go with it.