FT-7200S-CONT:Universal Remote Start Controller 7 Series

FT-7200S-CONT:Universal Remote Start Controller 7 Series

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7-Series Universal Remote Start Controller

Important Note: To ensure the safety of your customers, the FT-DAS sensor is now required on all 7 -Series remote start installations for manual transmission vehicles.

How to update your OP500 Option programmer

This Spring, Firstech will release “the beast” that is the 7-Series. The 7-Series features two controllers: one for remote start(StartIT FT-7200S-CONT) and one for remote start and security (MaxIT FT-7000AS-CONT). Overall, Firstech’s 7-Series controllers promise to add the most value and flexibility to your remote start business, while keeping costs and complexity low.

The Original All-in-One. Adding (and removing) a Blade bypass module has never been easier than with a Firstech’s 7-Series controller, which has a new “eject” switch that can be turned with a screwdriver. 7 years ago, Firstech made history with the first remote starter that featured on-board integration with a bypass module. Fast forward 7 years to today, Firstech is again adding to history with the 7-Series remote starters.

Double the Data. Firstech’s 7-Series controllers now have two RS232 ports that support DroneMobile, ADS, and Fortin solutions. The additional RS232 port means that multiple bypasses can be used simultaneously with this system. Also, now a BLADE-TB can be used when using DroneMobile, saving your business time and money!

2 Main Power Harnesses. There are now two separate harnesses for both high and low current vehicles, providing maximum flexibility.

3 Selectable High Current Relays.