Kenwood DNX775RVS: RV / Truck AV Navigation System

Kenwood DNX775RVS: RV / Truck AV Navigation System

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  • Clear resistive touch panel:

    A clear screen designed to reduce glare that includes a resistive touch sensor for accurate control during operation

  • Dual phone connection:

    While you are connected through Bluetooth, on a touch of a button you can switch between two phones.

  • Wireless music browsing (AVRCP 1.5 / 1.6):

    Search and select songs from your music collection through a Bluetooth connection.

  • Graphic EQ / digital time alignment:

    13-band equalizer and DTA gives optimal tuning enhancements for the listener.

  • Drive EQ:

    Boosts specific frequencies in the audio signal to overcome the negative impact of road noise.

  • FLAC / DSD supported:

    Compatible alongside various audio file formats from high-res FLAC and WAV, to MP3, WMA and AAC.  Also plays DSD (direct stream digital) files through a broader reproduction frequency band for life-like high-res sound reproduction.

  • Dash cam ready:

    Dash camera (DRV-N520) can be controlled and viewed from the touch screen.

  • Dual camera input:

    Two camera inputs for front and rear cameras.  A rear view camera can be used for the front as it has the ability to reverse the image.

  • Parking guidelines:

    Parking guide lines (requires installation of compatible backup camera) that enhance the effectiveness of a backup camera.

  • Lane assist:

    Lane assist guides you to the correct lane for an approaching turn or exit, making unfamiliar intersections and exits easy to navigate.

  • Dual USB:

    Multiple USB ports provide additional inputs for music sources or smartphone battery charging.

  • Variable color illumination:

    Bright variable color LEDs can be adjusted to match any color dash lighting.

  • Remote app:

    A smartphone application can control most basic functions of the receiver over the Bluetooth connection of the paired phone (iPhone or Android).

  • Photo real junction view:

    Garmin photo real junction view shows what complex interchanges look like before you arrive.