Compustar FT-DC3-S OEM Key Fob Remote Starter

Compustar FT-DC3-S OEM Key Fob Remote Starter

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NEW RELEASE - Compustar FT-DC3-S Remote Starter Controller

Compatible with majority of iDatastart/iDatailnk Vehicle Specific t-harness accessories. Flexible, the FT-DC3-S can be upgraded to a full alarm with remote starter, making it one of the most versatile remote start controllers on the market today.

Type of Remote Starter:   
OEM Key Fob via 3XLock Start / Add RF Kit or Smartphone Control (Drone Mobile)

How Many Remote Controls Come With This System:   

Operating Range:   
Variable (based on control method)  

Remote Starter Model Number:   

Compatible Antenna Number:   

Compatible with Smartphone Control:   
Yes ( DRONE Mobile ) 

Manual Transmission Compatible:   

Diesel Compatible:   

Warranty Coverage: 
Limited Lifetime